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Oh you do not know what you just got yourself into.

Because they have a far more interesting relationship dynamic, because Aang treated Katara like she was a reward for his hard work as the Avatar, because Zuko needed the kind of emotional support Katara could offer (Crossroads of Destiny, finally seeing Iroh again, fighting Azula), and he understood that she wasn’t just some wholesome, good, wonderful person all the time, that demons need to be fought.

They balanced each other out, fire and water, destruction and healing, they were the obvious, passionate couple that, if Avatar had been the show that Korra tried to be, would have happened. They have a far more interesting development arc, which was beautifully executed over the course of the three seasons, whereas Kataang seemed to jump back and forth between Katara blushing for every five times she acted completely disinterested.

I’m sorry, but the episode before the final big four she was completely unsure, angry that he seemed so insistent that they be together when they’re in the middle of the war and he is a vital instrument in that. Then four episodes later, they’re kissing no questions asked? They’re still in a war, the fire lord is defeated but as we know from The Promise and from goddamn common sense, wars aren’t finished in a day. If Kataang had to happen, I would have at least liked to see some kind of allusion to the fact that it still isn’t the right time. 

As it was, it felt awfully like Aang, as the male protagonist who worked so hard and succeeded in his ultimate goal set for the series, was being rewarded with Katara (yay! you saved the world! she’s not plot-conveniently confused about your relationship anymore! have at it, slugger, well done!) and as Katara is my favourite character, seeing her own personal development tossed under the bus for the sake of Aang’s reconciliation kind of pissed me off. And don’t even get me started on the whole Oedipus complex undertone throughout.  

I liked that Katara and Zuko were always equals, (“you rise with the moon, I rise with the sun”) they always pushed each other harder, they worked well together and they knew it, they were an unstoppable force (THEY TOOK DOWN AZULA. Say what you want about Ozai, but I honestly think Azula was the tougher battle there) and that is a dynamic I love. It was almost like Bryke were testing Zutara actually worked in the third season, and almost got there before running back to Kataang. Because while Zutara is an obvious romantic relationship dynamic, leaving the protagonist without the ~ girl of his dreams ~ at the end of the series was more adverse from trope. 

I don’t dislike Maiko, but I never loved Mai and I don’t think she did much for Zuko’s development as a character. If anything I felt like she represented the decline of all his process after CoD, so it felt strange that they ended up endgame. And I suppose you can argue that she followed him and proved herself worthy, but it always annoyed me that she did what she did not because she knew it was the right thing, but because she loved Zuko. She was on Azula’s side because she was bored and intimidated by her, so that betrayal doesn’t really feel that massive to me. She didn’t suddenly realise that her country, her family, were oppressive dictators and that it was her moral duty to stand up to that (in fact she was still pretty angry at Zuko about the country betrayal thing in tBR) she just realised “oh yeah, I really love my boyfriend”. Which yeah, doesn’t sing songs to me about Mai as a strong character (or about the treatment of female characters tbh), and doesn’t really make me feel like she’s the right person for who Zuko has become. 

As for Aaag, as a character, I like him (jesus how could you not he’s fucking adorable) but he’s a twelve year old boy and he makes stupid ass decisions and emotionally, he is not mature enough for a relationship. In fact, before the finale we had already witnessed just how damaging his obsession with Katara was to his process as the Avatar. He almost died because he couldn’t let her go, the world was almost destroyed because he couldn’t get over his crush. He puts Katara on a pedestal, which seems really unhealthy to me, and treats her like the sun shines out of her ass, and is disappointed when it doesn’t. I don’t blame him much for that, because he’s a twelve year old boy. I would expect nothing less, but it bothers me when that is treated like legitimate love and affection. It was always about Aang, and only about Katara when the plot needed it. Katara is one of the strongest characters, and yet she’s treated unsettlingly like an object when it comes to Kataang, which is so frustrating because it’s not that I dislike Aang, I just dislike the way Kataang was executed, because it was so so so so bad, for the same reason Korra was so disappointing; Bryke can’t do major romantic plots. 

I could go on, believe me, I could go on, but I won’t. My love of Zutara comes down to the fact that Katara and Zuko were two of my favourite characters, and both of their relationships were stifling for their development, all the while their own relationship blossomed and fed off each other and made them better people for their interaction. They had chemistry which only maybe Suki/Sokka could rival.


I agree with this post 2000 times over, and also I invite you to PLEASE GO ON even if it’s a PM. RANT TO ME ABOUT ZUTARA FOREVER. 

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Ahh, I love peeing to classical music in the morning.









People trying to argue that Grant Ward isn’t really Hydra even though he worked for Hydra blow my mind. Like, that’s not a good defense of him.

He infiltrated another organization, spied for Hydra, sabotaged for Hydra, and murdered for Hydra. Either he does actually believe in…

So the original OP would have preferred that Ward had actually believed in hydra rather than denounce them like he did in the finale?

I just want to make sure that I am reading this right…

Grant Ward only believed in one man and followed him wherever he led. Same as Melinda May.

The only real difference between the two characters is that we know that Ward chose to follow the wrong man and whether May’s decision to follow Coulson is a good idea or not is still up in the air. We have to see what happens to Coulson now that he is showing signs of madness before we can really say whether May made a good choice or not.

I am loving this posts so much, because of the whole lot of hateful, narrow minded people emerging for me to block. It’s like we have stumbled on a whole new lair of them haters. Time for the summer cleaning!

lmao you’re the one bending over backwards to defend the actions of Nazis and we’re the hateful ones.

Shine on.

Ward never denounced HYDRA. His loyalty might be to Garrett rather than the organization (and Garrett seemed to be mostly interested in power, not caring much who gave it to him), but Ward stuck to Garrett’s side, all the way through being captured, and he never said anything against HYDRA or its roots in Nazism. I don’t see how the finale could possibly be read in any other way. 

I believe his exact words to Garrett were “it’s not like we’re true believers…. Are we?”

If that’s not denouncing then I don’t know what is.

No one has excused his actions. I’m using canon to explain them.

That’s not denunciation, it’s denial. But even if it had been a strong denunciation (calling out HYDRA as the violent, repressive, racist organization that it is), it wouldn’t really matter. In the end, his actions — defending Garrett at all costs, following Garrett’s orders even when it means potentially killing people who thought he was their friend, making not-so-veiled rape threats at Skye (whom he supposedly “loves”) — speak much louder than his words.

Exactly. Whatever he might say or feel he was working for a Nazi organization, so what he says or feels doesn’t matter at all, in the face of all the people he has killed and betrayed for a Nazi organization.

I don’t think flippantly making comments about how HA HA HA WE ARE NO REALLY NAZIS WE ARE JUST HELPING THE NAZIS WIN THE WAR is any better than being a true believer.

Plus Trip mentions Garrett talking to Alexander Pierce on various occassions, that made me realize how high Garrett was in HYDRA’s hierarchy, so he was pretty essential to HYDRA and Ward was, as Coulson said, Garrett’s secret weapon. so yeah, on top of winning ALL THE HYDRA EMMYS Ward is elegible for Super Nazi of the year, competing with Brock Rumlow.

Also let’s remember that when Skye called him a Nazi and explained the origins of HYDRA Ward said “That has nothing to do with today”. That’s not a denunciation, that’s Grant Ward aligning himself with HYDRA and making excuses for a Nazi organization and hilariously thinking Skye OF ALL PEOPLE is going to fall for that Nazi apologia bullshit, lol.

Yeah - not only do actions speak louder than words, but as becketted often mentions as well, intent is not the same thing as the end result. Whether or not his intent was to align himself with HYDRA beliefs, he was supporting HYDRA as an organization by working for them. Whether he lied and murdered in HYDRA’s name or in the name of orders given by his boss, he was doing it under HYDRA and to HYDRA’s benefit. And in the end, I don’t see how supporting or not supporting Nazi ideals changes the fact that he murdered people and lied to them. Whatever ideals he may or may not hold, he is himself an individual that is in no way aligned with the side of GOOD. He is a villain. So, I myself would say that due to his choices, yes, Ward is effectively a Nazi. But I would also say that even if you were to win the argument and he wasn’t one… that gets you nowhere.



Same sex marriage is now legal in Britain
*whisperes* Johnlock

*whispers* real living people with real rights and real feelings that are infinitely more important than your fetishized fictional couple

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No. I won’t.

This scene is one of the most BLATANT scenes you could possibly ask for regarding Skye’s opinion of and feelings toward ward. How do people get this so wrong. I don’t understand. SKYE WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH WARD. NOTHING.




I had a great conversation with a (male) co-worker today (I work in videogames, fyi) where we were like “Man, we used to dig FPS games, but now they’re literally all the same. Maybe they were ALWAYS all the same, but now it’s really starting to…



The correct way to take a selfie with your child…I’ve reblogged this like 6 times this week

This is going to be me when I have kids

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